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Silver Edition


This vaseline is very good for sensitive, atopic or psoriasis skin, as well as to prevent rubbing of the diaper in babies or of sleeves and churros that arise in the use of them in swimming pools and the sea, it is also an ideal product for avoid friction or damage to the dermis at very low temperatures, such as the face, hands, where it creates a hydration film that prevents the skin from losing its own natural hydration.


A strength of this petroleum jelly at the time we are living, is the use of it in the areas of friction of the masks to avoid damage to the skin by the materials of the same, in the most sensitive areas of the dermis such as the nose and the ears.


One of its most important values ​​to highlight within its benefits is its use for tattoos. Due to its characteristics, it achieves that once the skin is newly tattooed, it can be exposed to the sun and get wet, without having to wait for its complete healing as occurs with other existing brands on the market, its dermatological characteristics achieve a perfect regeneration in the area as well as maintaining the vividness of color, a property that no other competitive product can offer. Thus avoiding the use of protective films and contaminants necessary for total healing.

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Mujer con la mano en la cara

In its cosmetic characteristics, some of its benefits are the prevention of wrinkles, eye bags due to its regenerative effect, for eyelash makeup or its fixative.

Of course it is dermatologically tested.

TW9 is an organic product, Vaseline is a petroleum derivative, which as you well know is a natural fossil material of plant origin.

The difference and what makes oil or not ecological, is its manufacturing process and its environmental impact. It is not scented as can be seen, we are not facing a synthetic petroleum jelly like all those found today on the market.

We are facing the first Vaseline of vegetable origin of high affiliation with a sun protection factor, produced and packaged in Spain.

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