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TW9 Lip Care


TW9 Lips

TW9 Lip Care is a powerful lip moisturizer that, in addition to providing juiciness and softness to our lips, it repairs them and helps to eliminate small wounds and cracks that cause pain.


Due to the thin skin that covers the lips and as its one of the areas of the body that we use the most on a daily basis, the lips suffer a lot. To take care of them and keep them healthy, it is very important that we apply the TW9 lip care, as it will maintain them in perfect condition.


Due to its emollient ingredients, such as beeswax, TW9 lip care is a powerful lip moisturizer that keeps lips moist. This prevents dryness, softening and providing elasticity to the skin. In addition, it creates a protective barrier against external agents.


It is also one of the few lip care treatments that contains sun protection to protect the lips from the sun, since the lips are the only part of the body that does not contain melanin. The vaseline prevents fluid loss, helping to form the aforementioned protective barrier. But TW9 lip care not only moisturizes the lip, it also has refreshing ingredients like menthol and camphor. These, in addition to producing a sensation of freshness, they also act as an antiseptic and analgesic, relieving the pain of mouth sores. In this sense, aloe vera also reduces the pain of dry and chapped lips, as well as reducing inflammation and accelerating wound healing.

Finally, TW9 lip care helps to gently exfoliate the lips, to progressively remove dead cells from the lips skin. Hydrates, protects and regenerates the delicate skin of the lips, while providing a pleasant sensation of volume.

TW9 lip care is specially indicated to hydrate the lips on a daily basis, protect them from pollution, extreme temperatures (hot and cold), sun exposure and UVA lamps.

TW9 Lips
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