How to take care of your Tattoo with TW9 Vaseline 

A tattoo is a wound and you have to take care of it as such. By following these instructions your tattoo will not give you problems during the healing process.

  • Once tattooed remove the film two or three hours later. 

  • Carefully wash with your hand and warm water and neutral or antiseptic soap, do not rub with a sponge or anything similar.  Gently dry with a napkin (kitchen paper).

  • Once dry, apply a thin layer of TW9 Vaseline, as the TW9 Vaseline is one of the best insulators. 

  • Let the tattoo breath, do not cover unless it is essential. 

  • Apply the TW9 Vaseline during 15 days, three or four times a day. 

  • The tattoo should always be hydrated, never let it dry.

Below you can see some tattoos that have be cured with TW9 Vaseline:

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